Homebrew Game Play Rules

Crit Damage The first die and damage of a Crit is automatically maxed, with the second dice and appropriate bonuses being rolled

Healing Potions Using a health potion is a bonus action. Administering a health potion to someone else is a full action. Add your Con mod to HP gained by using a healing potion

Leveling You automatically gain maximum possible hit points when leveling. When you level you automatically regain all hit points and are cured of any negative conditions. Except Plot Poisoning- that stays until you find the appropriate Plot Potion.

At any level where you may raise your base attributes or gain a feat, you may also permanently sacrifice 15 Sanity points, lowering your max recovereable cap, to gain either the attribute increase and a feat, or gain 2 feats.

Rulings Any uncertainty or disagreement of rules will be settled after and outside of session. The GM will make the in game decision, then a full ruling will be made after so as not to slow down game. This may lead to RetConing, but does not guarantee it.

Short Rest You may add your Con Mod 1 time to the total HP restored by using Hit Die during a Short Rest.

Sanity You may use Sanity points as you would inspiration, but without limit as long as you have the points to spend. Using more than 1 per long rest however does come with consequences. See Sanity for the full rule set for use.

Wall Damage Forced movement that puts a player/creature against a wall or other vertical obstacle is treated as a modified falling damage check. Take 1d6 of bludgeoning per10 feet more of movement that was prevented. The DM may call for an Acrobatics or Athletics check to try to brace or catch yourself to mitigate some of the damage.

The Double and Triple Nat20 If you roll a Nat20, roll again. On another Nat20, roll triple damage. Then roll again for the chance at a third Nat20, resulting in an Instant Kill

Homebrew Game Play Rules

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