Shades of Fear

Struggles in Zarash

The party breakfasts with the officers of the Raven’s Talon Mercenary Company the morning after their ordeal at the Lofty Maiden. Arocot tells then that the Company has been hired by the City Watch to help look into and intervene in the monster attacks that have been plaguing the city. When Lehane tries to share with him the journal of the Honorable Merchants Guild member they found at the Lofty Maiden, he hurriedly declines. He tells them that the Company has a current contract with the Guild, and that this item and information he learns about and from it would have to be shared with the Guild were he to actually take possession of it. However, he is able to still take in the information they share about the Guild investigating the attacks as well, and promises to reach out to their contacts to see what they may have found. He tells them in the mean time about what they have learned.

It seems that The Beggar has been seen at or around the locations that have been attacked shortly before the occurrences. While his appearance isn’t always followed by an attack, it appears that the attacks almost always are proceeded by his proximity. They also learn that the creatures that have been attacking the city have been growing increasingly dangerous and vicious. While it started with rats and feral dogs, more wild and chaotic monsters have been appearing. The Company has also figured out that each attack happens the same way. The creatures appear in an established and known business or location. Inns that have been there for years, in the shops of locally cherished merchants, in the cellars of well loved taverns. The victims killed always include the actual residents or owners as well as most other patrons. There are always survivors, and they are always new in town. The monsters somehow appear inside the establishment, then whether they are killed or the survivors flee, the monsters or their corpses just evaporate when the task seems done. The party decides that The Beggar should be their first target, and tells them to search Rag city for any connections because neither they or the City Watch have been able to find him in the city proper.

In Rag City the party realizes that the poor and displaced who live here are taking notes and collecting information on the people that pass on the roads. Eventually they are approached and taken to Manny, the Warforged in charge of the The Eyes. He is willing to give them information on The Beggar if they retrieve the land deed to a contested property on the outskirts of town. The swindler has hidden the papers in an old oak tree on the property because he doesn’t trust its safety in town with The Eyes everywhere.

The party makes their way out to the Slum and find a large hill top with seemingly hundreds of scarecrows surrounding the huge oak tree. As they approach, they are assaulted by animated scarecrows and even the tree itself as they get closer. The battle is intense, and ends when they manage to cut the tree almost in half and the whole field of scarecrows and the oak catch fire. As they return to town they can’t help but be reminded of Canary’s Perch. They accomplished a goal…. but at what cost? The tree was angry, but even told Tay’a in druidic that it couldn’t stop itself. Their fight left the landscape itself chard and ruined. But at least they’re going to get the information they were promised, right?



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