Shades of Fear

Beggars, Bears, and Besties??

The party makes it back to the Rag City where Manny gives them a Ratskin Notebook. Inside is a note that they believe The Beggar will strike at The Meat Market, an upscale butchery in the Trade District. They decide to gather some information there before nightfall and find out that there is to be an auction that night for an extremely rare animal for butchering. The party talk to Arocot who procures the funds to get them into the event.

That night the party arrives and is ushered in with a group of wealthy and obnoxious socialites. Lehane makes conversations with one of the butchers and finds out that The Beggar was there that day and had cost them thousands of gold while posing as an employee. The party prepares themselves for what might happen, but none of them are prepared. The Butcher pulls back the curtain from the cage of the animal for auction, but instead reveals The Beggar! He immedietly slinks his way out of the cage, and with a clap, summons a hoard of Meaty Bears that pull and form themselves out of the hanging slabs of meat.

The fight is gruesome, resulting in the The Beggar seemingly frightening the Butcher to death, and the hoard of Meaty Bears eviscerating the terrified patrons. They manage to deliver the killing blow that breaks the magic trapping everyone inside and allows the bouncers to enter and help call the town guard and calm the survivors. As before, the party is escorted back to the Raven’s Talon Mercenary Company camp and are met this time by Arocot. It seems that because the city assumed they were working with the Company, that they were paid according to the contract. Each party member receives 100 gp for their efforts. Arocot then invites them to go with the 100 men going back to Valshar to meet back up with Ra’fel to continue the contract.

A few days into their journey, the party has a vision. When they wake from their dream of an approaching storm, and a water creature on a sea cliff face, they are surprised to find a man standing in their camp. Though they do not recognize him physically, Tay’a has an undeniable feeling that she know him somehow. She is sure of it as he chides them saying things like “Just like old times”. They attack and figure out that he is some sort of undead, able to heal his wounds. As they fight, the man seems to push himself to be able to take the three of them on by himself. However, his straining takes its toll, and he blacks out mid fight. They tie him up and investigate his person. Aside from traveling supplies and a couple of low level magic items, they find rope burns and ligature marks on his neck, that his disheveled appearance is due to the loose dirt he is covered in, and a tattoo in thieves cant identifying him as a member of the Great Crag Honorable Merchants Guild. He soon wakes and begins to needle them. He tries to force his will on them again, and the three of them feel him trying to get in their heads and stir at the memory “glob” Qhek put in them. He offers to “tell them everything, if they just let him in”. When they refuse he starts to struggle and escape his bonds, laughing meniacly, biting, and flailing at them wildly. They decide that they have had enough and both set him on fire and chop him into pieces. The body seems to slump and turn into an inactive corpse as the nearby mercenaries arrive at their camp site.

After the RTMC set a more secure perimeter the party member yet again make camp. As Lehane opens his pack to check on the jarred brain out of curiosity, a powerful blue beam of light shoots out of his pack into the night sky like a beacon.

“Well that’s not good…”



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