Pixie Barbarian


-How and when were you captured? How did the rest of your family/clan die or disappear?
Pixies are a peaceful race, and I decided I wanted more, I wanted adventure, fun, fights, and danger. I was out on an adventure and I got got.

-Did you gain your proficiencies before your Enthrallment, or during?
During. Qhek liked my thirst for more and realized he could use that to his advantage.

-How were you treated by Qhek? Were you a favored pet, a scrap picking dog, an errand boy?
I was all of the above depending on his mood. At times I was a favored pet because a Pixie Barbarian is one of a kind, he wanted to show me off. Other times I was a scrap picking dog because his mood could change at a whim. There were times I was also his errand boy because I could hide easily or destroy his enemies.

-What is a secret you learned from Qhek and how did you learn it? Did he share it as part of a mission? Did you learn it accidentally while he was probing and drinking from your own mind?
I learned about Qhek’s irrational fear of mustard. While I was his scrap picking dog, I noticed all of his scraps contained untouched mustard.

-You carry a token from your past that you cannot remember the importance of. What is it?

-What is an irrational fear or obsession that you have developed during your enthrallment?
Some sort of broken part of you that you have found can even hinder your daily life in the wrong circumstance.
Irrational fear of flying over flames

-What was the first monster you ever defeated by yourself?
Tooth Fairy

-What was something terrible you were forced to do while enthralled? OR, what was something you regret from before your Enthrallment that you did to “get by”?
I was forced to kill some of my own people by Qhek


Pixie Ability Modifier: +2 Cha
Size: Tiny, can occupy same position as another creature larger than Tiny.
Age: The lifespan of fairies is mysterious, even to them. They may live to be as old as the forests, or come and go as quickly as the seasons. Although they may potentially live forever, a fairy will die if the forest it’s born from is destroyed.
Language: Common and Sylvan.
Vision: Darkvision up to 60 feet.
Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on saving throws against being Charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Pixie Dust:

You gain the Dancing Lights cantrip, Spell Save DC 8 + Charisma Modifier + Proficiency bonus. When you fly, a visible shower of magical sparkling dust follows in your wake like the glittering tail of a shooting star (read Stealth). By holding an object sized for a small or medium creature, sprinkling your pixie dust and concentrating on it for one minute you may shrink the object to suit your size while it is carried by you.


You can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you. You have disadvantaged on stealth checks while flying due to your glowing pixie dust.

Nimbleness: You can move through the space of any creature that is of a size larger than yours.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 15 feet.
Flight: You have a flying speed of 35 feet.

To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor, or be encumbered ***See variant encumbrance rules. If your wings are removed, a painful three day ritual must be performed to grow them back. At first and second level you can fly 5 feet off the ground. Starting at level 3 you gain 5 feet of elevation per level. (Example, at Warlock 2/Sorcerer 1, you may go up to 10ft above the ground, at level 4 15ft, etc.) This limitation is removed at level 13.

Variant encumbrance rules:
For each creature size above Medium, double the creatures carrying capacity and the amount it can push, drag, or list. For a Tiny creature, halve these weights.
If your carry weight in excess of 5 times your Strength score, you are encumbered, which means your speed drops by 10 feet.
If your carry weight in excess of 10 times your Strength score, up to your maximum carrying capacity, you are instead heavily encumbered, which means your speed drops by 20 feet and you have disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws that use Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution.

Armor and Weapons:

Armor: You are proficient with Light armor. You have disadvantage with Heavy weapons.

Sub-races (pick one):

Trickster: +1 Dex. You gain the cantrip Minor illusion. Spell Save DC 8 + Charisma Modifier + Proficiency bonus) You gain expertise on Deception checks.


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