Rogue,Elf, Mysterious


-How and when were you captured? How did the rest of your family/clan die or disappear?
(What Lehane would say) It was the end of a dark trail of bad choices, half truth and worse luck. In this Business we all know the odds eventually have us in a shallow unmarked grave. that’s the thing about pressing the jesters luck against the kings patience. the longer you get away with it the more you want to push it. so yeah maybe I pushed too hard ,too far, too fast but I never could pass on good bet. I also never could have guessed what was gonna happen when my luck finally ran out, dropped dead and got eaten by trolls.
(What actually happened) Lehane was working various jobs using his rogue skills. He continued to take progressively dangerous jobs until he caught the attention of Qhek who arranged a mission that offered too much gold and just enough risk that Lehane wouldn’t pass it up. Lehane was always a loner of sorts he has a family and clan but has not been seen or hear from them since he left them years ago.

-Did you gain your proficiencies before your Enthrallment, or during?
(what lane would say) If you need a blade in the dark, a shadow with ears, or something hidden behind a locked door. I have the skills if you have the gold.
(what actually happened) Lehane was selected for his skills which grew during his time with qhek

-How were you treated by Qhek? Were you a favored pet, a scrap picking dog, an errand boy?
(What Lehane would say) The details of where I’ve been and what I’ve done would only scar you and I have a head full regrets that don’t need reliving.
(What actually happened) Lehane was errand boy his ability to find information led to many of Qheks enemies deaths also done quietly by Lehane his skills made him a useful servant but his penchant for inner monologue kept him from being a favored pet.

-What is a secret you learned from Qhek and how did you learn it? Did he share it as part of a mission? Did you learn it accidentally while he was probing and drinking from your own mind?
Lehane knows something of Qheks larger scheme as he provided some of the information that informs his strategy.

-You carry a token from your past that you cannot remember the importance of. What is it?
Lehane carries a simple pair dice and will when left alone absently throw them.

-What is an irrational fear or obsession that you have developed during your enthrallment? Some sort of broken part of you that you have found can even hinder your daily life in the wrong circumstance
Lehane is obsessed with gambling and can only pass up a good bet when absolutely necessary th.e risk must be high and the reward higher. Lehane believes this was something that happened during his enthrallment but he has always had an addiction to risk taking it was only made worse during his time with qhek.

-What was the first monster you ever defeated by yourself?
I don’t know hes only level 2 there aren’t any great monster to defeat single handed? a kobold?
-What was something terrible you were forced to do while enthralled? OR, what was something you regret from before your Enthrallment that you did to “get by”
(Lehane would say) there’s more blood on my hands than I can wash off but is not just the people you put your knife in that suffer. when the wrong piece is off the table the game cant be won.
(what actually happened) Lehane was tasked with following a local official during his surveillance he found information about Qhek. The official was going to reveal this and lead people to fight qheks plan. Lehane killed the offical destroyed the evidence and qhek feed on the town.


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