Shades of Fear

Brain Light 2: Elcatric Boogaloo

Lehane opens the bag to find that the Brain has fully awakened. Five tentacles and two eyes stocks have sprouted out, and he sees that the tendrils are all pressing against its container as if trying to get at the cured meat he has in his pack. Unlike before however, the Brain isn’t trying to invade his mind. It is instead reaching out and projecting feelings of hunger and need.
He has a tense discussion with Tay’a about her mistrust of the Brain, and then enters into a shared mind space with it to find out it’s motives.

He finds himself in a blank white space, the disembodied Brain floating in front of him. After sending out his own thoughts and gaining a sense of its almost subconscious thought processes, Lehane realizes that it is begging for food. It must have sustenance or it will die, not just revert back to its stony stasis. It offers its help to the party if they feed it. Lehane retreats back into the material plane and explains his “conversation” to his friends. While Lup is fairly indifferent, Tay’a insists on ending the Brain’s existance before it can possibly double cross them. Lehane insists on taking the gamble and gives it the cured meat. After it ingests the dried boar, they do feel it project a small piece of something into the back of their minds. They may now use two Sanity before having to roll for a chance of a malady.

They continue on to Valshar, and are met almost at the gate by one of Olog’s men. It seems that he has been kidnapped. He tells the party that he was last seen dealing with some ruffian kids who were sneaking into a Raven’s Talon Mercenary Company safe house. They go to investigate and find that the scuffle took place between Olog and a number of children. Lup finds the Symbol of the encroaching Druid hurriedly hidden out of sight, more than likely by Olog as a act of desperation to leave a clue as to what happened. Lehane finds a familiar dagger with the markings and leather wrappings to signify it belongs to one of the Druid’s children. Not wasting any time, the party makes their way to the alley where they had seen the Druid and children disappear.

The RTMC offers men for support, but the party declines a full unit, asking instead for just a bowman for support. They are used to working as a small unit, and do not want to be hindered by too many troops. They enter through the illusionary wall, and find themselves in a stony dungeon. They make their way through the formulaic dungeon of traps and monsters. Tay’a even relies on the boon granted by the Brain to empower a fire spell to finish off a group of trolls. Finally they reach a room filled with purpley roots and and vines. In the center sits a robed monk in front of a fountain flowing with purple water. A tattoo on his head batched the pendent of the Purple Tree that the children have had embedded in their flesh. He tells them the only way to pass through the next door is to take his “key”. The fight that ensues is tough, and they are caught by surprise when the monk seems to transmute himself into the fountain and then reform from a mass of the purple roots around them. They finally take him down and proceed to the final door…



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